Customized Doors

We offer a full range of custom hand made wooden doors of different sizes made with artistic combination of finest quality materials and innovative techniques. Our skilled craftsmen are experts in making main or entrance doors, pooja or temple doors, room doors and designer doors. Our doors are custom made with finest quality teak wood, rose wood, mahogany and other species of wood along with mix of metal, stones, nacre, glass and other materials. Doors are made in traditional Indian, Contemporay and Eurpoean styles. We are one of the leading custom solid wood door manufacturer in Bangalore

Main Doors

Eye-catching, blend of traditional and modern designs with a differnce

Pooja Room Doors

Custom built pooja rooms and doors with intricate traditional designs using latest techniques.

Room Doors

Elegent room doors in classic, traditional and contempory styles made to client’s requirements

Responsible Sourcing

Trees and our life saviours, and they are deeply rooted to our culture. We take at-most care when sourcing the wood and source it only from government auctions and through reliable vendors.The wood is carefully selected for age, color and grains which result in superior products.

Hand Made

No two products will be the same even though they look similar. Our designs are hand made to bring imaginations to life with a touch of beauty.

Custom Made

Each product made in our studio is custom designed and made-to-Order to meet your design needs and space requirements. The custom designs ensure that you have a unique product.