Our wooden doors and windows are made in Teak wood and Rosewood, is made-to-measure dimensions and color with lasting durability that adds a beautiful character to your home. We are flexible with our clients in terms of design selection, wood sourcing; clients can either bring in their wood or use our authentic, finest quality wood, responsibly sourced from government auctions and through reliable vendors. Being one of the top wooden doors and window manufacturer in Bangalore(Bengaluru),
our clientele include elite customers and premium homes, villas and apartments.

Door and Frames are hand carved by our skilled craftsmen with impeccable attention to minute details, our artisans use mix of various materials like wood, glass, metals to create a long lasting beautiful doors. Choose designs from our existing portfolio selection, or come to us with your own designs, we will provide you with a unique custom-made piece. We design Wooden Entrance and Exterior Doors, French Doors and Wooden Interior Doors.

Each door is custom made as per client needs, price of door depends on the dimensions, wood sections used, prevailing market price for the wood used, design selected,
hardware and other materials used. To match your home decor we also design and craft Wooden Railings & Staircases, Sofa sets, Wooden Dining Table Sets, Pooja rooms,
Room Doors, and other wooden furniture and interior decor.

As you know, the main door is the first thing of your home’s entrance which is noticed by outsiders. So why not to design it in such a way that grabs everyone attention and mesmerize them with the beauty? We can design and construct the wooden main doors, made of premium quality material, by keeping in mind your requirements.  The mixed material main doors that we construct are carved by skilled craftsmen who know their job and give undivided attention to each minute details.

  • Extremely Exceptional Design:

You deserve nothing but exceptional, and we know how to serve more than best. Get a correct blend of quality material with unique design for doors.

  • Contemporary Doors:

Go for a contemporary style by choosing the stylish design from our wide range and get the perfectly constructed main doors according to your specifications.

  • Artistic Doors:

Do you keep artistic taste when it comes to doors? Choose from our range of extremely beautiful carved designs for doors to match luxury home decor ideas.

Our team of expert artists are flexible with ideas, and can easily go with the flow in terms of design selection and material selection. So whether you need wooden, metal, or glass door, they can help you in every way. They choose only authentic, and fine quality material from trusted vendors to bring aesthetic to your home. So just choose a design from our portfolio, or tell us what’s in your mind, we will work enthusiastically on your project and come with unique custom-made piece.

Being a leading wooden door manufacturing company in Bangalore, we know how to complement your home’s interior with the beautifully crafted wooden main door.