We never compromise on the quality, and we are one of the suppliers for Karnataka State Government’s handicrafts showroom, the Cauvery Emporium. Our Sculptures, Figurines, and all these art work are hand carved by expert skilled artisans, backed by several decades of experience. We also undertake other kind of decorative furniture carvings, including Statues and general carvings.

Sculptures are one of the most enduring deco pieces. They depict history, tell stories and lend a sense of aesthetics and art to any space. Sculptures in a home reflect your personal style and sensibilities, can be simple or complex and are multi-dimensional as an art form. Our fine and eclectic range of sculptures are crafted from authentic solid wood chosen specially for the purpose. Besides sourcing wood from across India, we identify what kind works based on the site of installation, its look, quality and construction and the way it blends with the surroundings.

Our artisans specialize in making mythological idols of gods and goddesses like Lord Balaji, Lord Shiv, Lord Krishna, Lord Ram, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess Durga, realistic looking figurines of various animals like elephants, lions, bull, deer, contemporary figurines and spiritual gurus idols like Buddha, Sai Baba and others. Our skilled artisans can design and craft stand-alone as well as wall-mounted sculptures for all kinds of spaces, whether residential or commercial, including hotels, resorts, office and retail properties. These specially curated and customized pieces can be done to scale any dimensions, carved out of premium solid wood.

We have exported sculptures to Japan, US, U.A.E (Dubai) and other countries.