Each pooja door and pooja room is conceptualized based on the space available at clients site and the price client is willing to spend, the use of materials and design
is planned accordingly and production happens within the agreed speculated time frame.

Keeping concepts of Vaastu Shastra as the core requirement, our well experienced artisans design each pooja room, pooja mantap and pooja door to make your ideas and concepts a reality.
Whether jail or latticed patterns, wall murals depicting scenes from the Indian Mythological stories or architectural detailing, our designers deliver them with impeccable finesse.

We design Pooja Rooms in authentic Teakwood and Rosewood ethically sourced from across South India. Since wood echoes well with spirituality,
we ensure that our solid wood structures adhere in every way to the sanctity of the space. Our customized Pooja Rooms feature heavy decorative accents, very
intricately carved traditional and period designs in varying dimensions and sizes crafted in solid teakwood and Rosewood from South India.

Our handcrafted Solid Wood Pooja Rooms, pooja Mantap and Temples of various style and sizes
celebrate the divine. We ensure that only the finest cultivated and forest hardwoods, carefully selected
for the clearest color and grains are used for our creations.

Get customized doors for Pooja rooms, which are artistically constructed to ooze our tradition and culture from every carving. Do you have something in your mind for Pooja room doors? Do you want to go for a traditional style with a pinch of wooden material? Get in touch with us.

  • Traditional Designs:

Pinch traditionalistic flavor with beautiful carving to construct Pooja room doors which give a soothing and soulful feel to outsiders, yes we offer you unlimited traditional designs to choose for the exits.

  • Pooja Mantaps:

Do you need a professional manufacturing company who can build Pooja Muntaps and Temples of various sizes, shapes, and forms for you? Get the custom-made products with a touch of the luxury gold plating layer.

  • Door Shastra:

Undivided attention is necessary while designing Pooja room doors and Mantaps, and we provide that. Perfectly designed as per Vaastu and historical texts.

We construct each Pooja door and room by keeping in mind the client’s needs and do everything within budget. Our artists never compromise on the quality of material, efforts needed, and the concept which need reality. Of course, we always keep the Vaastu Shastra concept in mind and designed everything around it.

So whether you need wall mural depicting scenes or latticed patterns, our designers work accordingly.

We undertake crafting of complete living room,
bedroom and kitchens in authentic wood. We also manufacture Sofa Sets, Wooden Dining Tables and Chairs, Balustrades, Stairs, Flooring, Kitchen Interiors and more that complement your room decor.