Whether modern and contemporary or traditional and medieval our modular or custom built interiors lend their unique aesthetics to your living space. When crafted in
authentic wood, they exude solidness, strength, durability and showcase the personality of the people who have made it their abode.

We craft home interiors in solid wood, incorporating versatile designs, finishes and looks to create a space that is unique and one-of-a-kind. We create handcrafted, customized Wooden Flooring, Ceiling, Wall Paneling, Staircase, Railings and Pillars in any design that you provide, from the simple to the elaborate. Besides the furniture’s practical utility, its size, dimensions and quality, we also use various design inputs to match it with the home decor.

Our customized interiors in hard wood designs are available in a range of styles and flourishes. Hand carved in authentic solid wood sourced from places across the country, they are also polished and prepped to withstand heavy use and weather changes.